16 Underrated NES Games

by Pierre Bell

OtterX 13h ago (Edited 13h ago)

FINALLY someone who acknowledges the greatness of Gremlins 2 NES!! One of my favorite movie tie-in games of all times. I have fond memories of both the game and the movie from when I was a kid. I was playing it again just a couple of months ago, and it still holds up very, very well!

I rarely see people mention Gremlins 2 when discussing great NES games and I love you for that!

*edit - Sunsoft really was a fantastic studio. Another favorite, underrated late NES game from them was Batman Return of the Joker. It was so much better than the SNES version too. Something about it died in the effort towards upgrading the graphics and music. The NES version felt darker, moodier.

Longie_long 12h ago

Thanks for reading. Always nice to encounter another Sunsoft enthusiast!

OtterX 12h ago

Np, great read! I also owned and enjoyed the heck out of Super C back in the day.

I'd also add Metalstorm to my list of underappreciated titles. :)

thorstein 11h ago

Nice job. After reading about Xexyx (or however it is spelled) I was reminded of Astyanax and Faxanadu. The names were just otherworldly. But they were tragically underrated as well.

Maybe you should consider a Part 2?