Abandoned Tech Demo First Teaser Image Released

by Pierre Bell

Sonyslave3 23h ago

Silent hill or some new horror ip.

excaliburps 2h ago

Yep. Please let it go for Silent Hill. Sigh.

Nitrowolf2 2h ago

yeah, this dude really backed himself in a bad corner. Even the current marketing stuff about the visuals being realistic and stuff will probably back fire on him.

porkChop 13h ago

Does anyone care? That's an honest question. The hype is dead as far as I can tell, killed by the devs that brought it on themselves. Not to mention the dev has a history of abandoning projects.

Inverno 1h ago

This has to be the biggest fail of the year. Literally EVERYTHING has gone wrong for these guys. I feel kinda bad but also I think they bit off more than they could chew. Who knows tho MAYBE they end releasing something decent in the end regardless

miacosa 1h ago (Edited 1h ago)

At this point, with all the studio's missteps and broken promises, it might be difficult to look forward to anything they have to say until the final reviews are out for the game to really judge if it's worth a play.