E3 shifts to online-only event because of Omicron concerns

by Pierre Bell

roadkillers 3h ago

Not sure if this is the truth, but screw E3 for being pansies. Sick of this shit, football has huge arenas… just go if you can make it, don’t I’d your worried.

Garethvk 2h ago

That ignorant mentality is exactly whybwe have 825K dead and counting and it is still around and mutating. If people did the right thing we would be in a much better place.

2h ago

Lightning77 52m ago

As someone who's always been a spectator and never attended E3, I heard being their is exhausting with long lines. You have to save up so much money as well. Unless you're press or a YT star where all expenses paid.

Personally, the only reason why I want a live on stage presentation is so I can see the devs actually playing the game in real time like how it use to be.

After Cyber Punk I want a real time demonstration on these games. Pre recorded gameplay is not it, because the devs can show us whatever and fabricate the gameplay or make fake builds and presentations.