Geoff Keighley says Activision Blizzard will not be a part of this year’s The Game Awards

by Pierre Bell

Okay sorry for this long reply, I DID NOT expect to write all this. There’s a TDLR at the bottom.

No no I get the situation, however, my problem with them goes far beyond the CEO’s stupidity. Their game models are full of terrible monetization practises, they repeatedly give their fans the short end of the stick, Diablo 3 was a failure, they ruined Call of Duty beyond doubt from greed, they milk the heck out of Starcraft and World of Warfcraft, then we wait years just to get some diablo mobile game that was a “out of season april fool’s joke” and they keep developing it like we actually want to play it on phones.

Yeah the devs and innocent staff could get hurt in the process, but Activision | Blizzard really sucks as a company, they way they treat their fans sucks, and the approach they take in making their games sucks, not just the CEO. The whole company needs to change and turn over a new leaf, and in that process they need to recieve harsh criticism, face consequences as a company, lose benefactors and investors, etc.

Getting rid of the current CEO would be a step in the right direction, but that sure as hell won’t fix their other problems. Look at the pokemon company and how far they’ve fallen from grace, they don’t care anymore because at the end of the day, people will always buy anything with “Pokemon” on it regardless of the company’s reputation. Hurting the CEO alone won’t fix a company, the entire company needs to be under fire before any real incentive to change can happen. Same goes for a government, you can’t just get rid of the terrible leader and expect everything to improve, the entire government has a mix of bad and good, and it needs to be weeded out.

TLDR; Otherwise all you’re doing is putting a bandaid on an infected wound; you think it’s gonna heal, but it’s not. You need to remove the source of the infection, clean it out, and then it can start to heal.