Matrix Awakens proves that Xbox Series S is a next-gen console once and for all

by Pierre Bell

ABizzel1 7h ago

I don't think most people ever if it was a "next-gen console", people were concerned if it would be able to keep up with AAA gaming once purely next-gen games are released as it has already been having modes dropped (usually RT or performance mode) in comparison to the other consoles. Also The Matrix is running at 720p sometimes lower, on the console and it's a tech demo, not a full game, so that's where the concern kicks in, especially with the old consoles being able to stream many of the same games in 1080p@60fps which in some cases is going to better than the native performance of the console (depending on internet) which is a bad look.

Personally I think it's a great little GamePass console, and is almost the perfect console of the 3/4 home consoles for younger kids who play just about anything, heavily budget oriented gamers / countries, and a good choice for a few other groups. Personally I think there were a few tweaks they could have made to make the system noticeably better without a real impact on cost (A larger fan would have made a big difference for CPU and GPU clocks), or even a $329 - $349 version would have been leaps and bounds better giving RX 6600m performance, and making it a real 1080p - 1440p console even when games get more demanding.

But it's definitely a next-gen console thanks to the CPU, the NVMe, capable of RT, and performance somewhere around PS4 Pro and just below Xbox One X with it's GPU of which the GTX 1060 / RX 570 / RX 580 range of performance is still the most popular range for eSports games and thus why the level of performance is one they targeted.

kryteris 3h ago

and there are many examples how it is holding back the generation and under performing.

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