New Horizon: Forbidden West trailer shows off the machines of the West

by Pierre Bell

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New machines headline the anticipated sequel’s latest trailer.

Sony released the latest teaser trailer for the hotly anticipated Horizon: Forbidden West, showing off the machines of the game’s new setting and hinting that they might be controlled by less-than-savory forces.

Titled “Machines of the West”, the trailer opens up with a sweeping view of the vistas, including ruined skyscrapers and underwater treasures, protagonist Aloy will be visiting before showcasing the dinosaur-like machines that will be populating the Forbidden West. It focuses on three new machine types for the sequel: the armadillo-like Rollerback, the flying Sunwing, and the snake-shaped Slitherfang.

A voiceover concludes the trailer by talking about how the machines can be harnessed while Aloy rides one that’s been taken over, but it also suggests that unseen malevolent forces will be harnessing the machines for their own purposes. Of course, given that Aloy can also control the creatures to some degree, the game is promising quite the clash when the two forces meet. Perhaps we’ll even see some large-scale machine vs. machine battles. One can only hope.

Forbidden West has been getting constant promotion lately, with a different trailer unveiled at The Game Awards just seven days prior. It seems that the delay to February will hold steady unless something unexpected happens. And from the looks of things, one of the first big games of 2022 is set to deliver quite the experience that fans have been waiting patiently for, especially if you're into collector's editions. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Horizon: Forbidden West will release February 18, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.