New World is running a free weekend right now, ahead of a violent rabbit rebellion

by Pierre Bell

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Now is a great chance to jump into the Amazon Studios MMORPG, before the community starting tearing their hare out.

If you’ve not tried out New World yet, or maybe fell off the hype train at some point over the past few months, now may be a great moment to jump into the game once again as the Amazon Games MMORPG is in the midst of a free weekend right now!

Those who’re interested in trying the game out have been able to since yesterday, with the end time for this exciting period for the game landing on Monday April 11. Once the weekend is over and we’re all back at work, the base game as well as the deluxe edition are 40% off until Monday April 18 - so there’s plenty of time to mull the purchase over.

One new event that might tempt those with a taste for this new world is Rabbit’s Revenge. That’s right, sick of being brutally murdered and skinned and still made over the rampant rabbit farming that has taken place sine the launch, the rabbits are revolting. No, not because they’ve picked up the hammer or sickle or anything, it’s because they’ve got the plague. They’re proper gross mate.

This event has you and your friends go out and cull hordes of these corrupted rabbits, who threaten the existence of everyone living on Aeternum right now. There’s good reason to do so too, because you can grab yourself up to three Diamond Gypsum through loot drops, as well as five daily luck boosting consumables. A good haul overall, considering the scale of your foes.

It’s almost rumoured on the wind that there is a mystical storage chest in the possession of the rabbits. How did they manage to carry this about? What would rabbits even put in a chest like that? There’s only one way to find out.

If this has piqued your interest into New World, check out the roadmap the devs released a few weeks ago for a look at what is coming in the future.