Nintendo Direct is full of surprises but misses the mark

by Pierre Bell

Teflon02 45m ago

I loved it as a show in general, Klonoa 2 was one of my favourite games as a kid but I had the blue disc and it was scratched while my ps2 had issues reading it so it always froze on the surfing stage. Finally get a chance to finish it, Chrono cross was hype too. Alot of the multiplatform stuff was just hype. One of the few times I cvan say my jaw dropped. But as Nintendo itself goes, their showing was disappointing, not getting hyped for a Xeno game again after 2 was meh, fire emblem warriors... Kirby was nice but the new trailer wasn't anything that got me more hyped so it wasn't a big deal, not even really happy for that big suck mode thingy lol. They didn't show Zelda, nor metroid nor a new MK, but instead milking MK8, sure it's a good deal and alot of new content but it's 2 years before it'll all be added and no MK9 in site, that was actually bad news to me because of that. I really wanted that part to be real.