Patrick Plourde, contributor to Ubisoft’s toxic culture is leaving

by Pierre Bell

Patrick Ploude has been a part of Ubisoft for about 20 years. He was the creative director of Child of Light, Watch Dogs 2 and Far Cry 3. Ploude announced earlier today that he will be leaving the company to work as part of an independent consulting agency. Ubisoft later confirmed that Ploude “will provide consulting to some of our creative directors, at their request, and to the Editorial team on certain projects”.

That said, it is very important to note that Patrick Plourde has been mentioned as being one of the key contributors to the toxic work culture, harassment, abuse, and discrimination that has been going on at the company. In fact, a group founded by many current and former Ubisoft employees, A Better Ubisoft, criticized the company late last year for letting Plourde remain as VP of editorial “despite the multiple misconduct reports filed against him”.

Whether Plourde’s departure will result in a better work environment for Ubisoft’s employees remains to be seen. However, A Better Ubisoft tweeted out a statement just a couple of months ago stating that, despite many departures in the company, change within Ubisoft have been very slow, and Ubisoft still hasn’t listened to the 4 demands that they have been repeatedly asking for.