PlayStation 5 - One Year Later

by Pierre Bell

Godmars290 2h ago

It's only been a year? And I haven't been able to get ahold of one. Been wondering if I need to.

Teflon02 2h ago

It's really not too hard to. Everyone I know that wanted one got it within a week or 2 or bitting the bullet. I've had day 1. Since it's early in the Gen, it's not so big a deal, as you can always pick up the games whenever you get thw console. Plus Sony mainly makes games where joining late isn't you getting screwed over lol

Vits 1h ago (Edited 1h ago)

Same for me. Getting a hold of one at MSRP is being such a pain in the butt. That I'm truly wondering if I really need one. And the same applies to the Series X.

neutralgamer1992 1h ago (Edited 1h ago)

Sign up for Walmart plus and order using a computer it's not that hard when Walmart drops for plus members. You get 10 minutes to order once it's your turn. Next gen only games have been decent especially compared to past console launches

Personally I think it's worth getting with horizon