Atari 50 Collection coming to Switch & features 90 games across Atari consoles including Jaguar & Lynx

by Pierre Bell

50th anniversary collection from Atari

Atari is celebrating its 50th anniversary and today they have announced a special classics collection to celebrate called Atari. It would be all too easy to write this off as another company cash-in, but that seems far from the case. The emulation is handled by the talented team at Digital Eclipse who worked on the Mega Man collections, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, and also the upcoming Ninja Turtles compilation. The collection is beautifully presented with a lavish look at the history of Atari along with videos and interviews from prominent people across the games industry and Atari developers. It contains 90 Atari games and for the first time it includes games from both Atari Lynx (Atari’s handheld which went up against the SEGA Game Gear) and their ill-fated 64 bit entry the Atari Jaguar. The Atari 50: The Celebration collection will be released across multiple platforms including the Switch this autumn