Claustrophobic cooperative shooter Space Beast Terror Fright has exited Early Access

by John Stapel

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Space Beast Terror Fright
(Image credit: nornware AB)

Eccentrically named cooperative shooter Space Beast Terror Fright (opens in new tab) has launched on Steam following a long sojourn through Early Access, bringing its cooperative horde shooter and roguelike horror energy to the masses. In it, you and a team of marines (read: your friends) must board a disabled spacecraft, recover the data stored on its drives, and disable to reactor coolant system so that it self-destructs as you escape. By the way, the disabled spacecraft is filled with a horde of toothy, clawed murder insects.

Space Beast Terror Fright

(Image credit: nornware AB)

It's quite beloved by fans, with 92% positive reviews as of today. Most cite its claustrophobic hallways and strong homages to the Alien films as a reason to play. We quite liked it back in 2015, saying that its limited field of view was a strong selling point. It definitely has some really good jump scares, and intentionally-unintentional comedy, at least.

“You watch some people who are really well organized and they have a plan. They’re in the airlock and they’re all ready to go and they’re being so serious,” developer Johannes Norneby told us. “And then they open the airlock and they take two steps and everyone dies… Then they start to laugh.”

You can find Space Beast Terror Fright on Steam where it's $15, or $45 for a four pack.

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