Make bizarre movies funny in RiffTrax: The Game

by Barbara Hadden

Today I wanted to give you an exclusive look at some of the awful, bottom of the barrel, F tier films included in RiffTrax: The Game. These include The Last Shark, Boy In The Plastic Bubble, Robo Vampire, Fun In Balloon Land, and Shake Hands with Danger. These previously unannounced cinematic abominations were curated by the pros at RiffTrax. They’ve been dunking on movies for over 15 years, so if they know one thing, it’s bad movies. 

Apologies in advance, these movies are terrible!

The Last Shark

Some crazy Italian filmmakers had the bright idea to rip off Jaws. The Last Shark doesn’t have the acting talent or music score budget of the original, but it does have a substantially higher percentage of actors with mustaches! To its credit, the film has this scene… which will certainly challenge everything you know about cinema.

Boy In The Plastic Bubble

John Travolta “stars” in this 1976 made-for-TV movie. Travolta plays Todd Lubitch, a boy who was born without any immunities and is forced to live (you guessed it) in a plastic bubble. It’s as entertaining as it is scientifically accurate.

Robo Vampire

Did the world really need another vampire movie? After all, we know all the tropes: they hop around like they’re on invisible pogo sticks and their leader is a gorilla who wants to marry a ghost-witch. Typical! Robo Vampire forgoes the blood, and just wants to suck.

Fun In Balloon Land

I have a lot to say about Fun in Balloon Land but there’s just one problem: it’s incredibly hard to describe. It is an event. To attempt to describe its plot to you would be like attempting to divide by zero. There are balloons, there are kids, there is a parade, and there were mercifully cameras rolling to capture the madness. It’s a spectacle so cracked and baffling that you’ll have to double check to make sure you haven’t slipped into an alternate reality. Grab a balloon, say a prayer, and buckle up!


We revealed RollerGator in our announcement trailer, but it definitely warrants a second mention. If you scooped a pile of goo out of a backed-up gutter, submerged a pair of electrodes into it, fed it a slurry of protein rich nutrients while sending jolts of ever-increasing voltages of electricity through until it demonstrated the most basic signs of what could technically be considered life, then immediately handed the pile of goo a video camera, it is impossible that it would make a worse movie than Rollergator.

In addition to feature films, RiffTrax: The Game also includes clips from over 30 short films, including the legendary Shake Hands with Danger.

Shake Hands with Danger

The world of Safety Instructional Films breaks down into two distinct categories: Shake Hands with Danger, and everything else. If you like your hair feathered, your glasses huge and your mustaches grown at an eighth-grade level, this is the short for you. On the plus side, Shake Hands with Danger features one hell of a theme song. I mean just listen to this!

That guitar riff slaps! I love how that one guy has to awkwardly hold the wrench throughout the entire title card. He really went the extra mile.

In addition to those films, we’ve packed the game full of RiffTrax classics such as Attack Of The Super Monsters, Plan 9 From Outer Space, The Clean Club, Charade, The Talking Car, Bride of the Gorilla and many, many more. 

Of course, it doesn’t end there! I’m happy to announce that we’re adding over 100 new clips shortly after launch (as a free update) with regular content updates to follow.

While you can play solo, RiffTrax: The Game is best enjoyed with a friend or two. So please, grab a friend (or shark) and jump in. We hope to see you all shaking hands with danger and riffing in balloon land (from your plastic bubble) on May 5th. Enjoy!