The best weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

by John Stapel

If you're looking for the best FF7R weapons and how to get them, you're in the right place. Now the remake of the classic PlayStation-era RPG has finally arrived on PC, almost two years after it was first released on PS4, it's essential you know which weapons you should be wielding.

If you played the original, you're in for a surprise—the combat has had a complete rework. Materia still exists, but instead of being the turn-based system you may be expecting, it's similar to the combat found in the more recent Final Fantasy 15. With that in mind, here are the best weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, as well as where to find them. 

Best weapons

The best weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake 

Cloud: Hardedge This is the best weapon for Cloud if you want to concentrate on dealing a lot of damage, as the Infinity's End ability is one of his most powerful attacks. The drawback to this is losing magic power and defensive bonuses you might gain from other choices.

Tifa: Purple Pain The best weapon choice for Tifa is going to come down to the role you want her to play. Purple Pain balances her stats, allowing her to deal damage and use magic equally well. The True Strike ability also boosts an enemy's stagger percentage, so learning this skill is very handy. Alternatively, if you're after pure damage, go with Metal Knuckles. For magic, choose Mythril Claws.


Barret: Big Bertha With the highest attack power of all his weapons, Big Bertha is the best option for Barret. It also has good magic damage, so you won't lose out if you want him to throw out the occasional spell. The Maximum Fury ability is a powerful ranged attack which can be super handy in many situations.

Aerith: Mythril Rod As the main magic dealer of the party, it makes sense to equip Aerith with her most powerful magical weapon. Its high magic stat ensures she's dishing out good healing and magic-based damage. And the Ray of Judgement ability helps stagger enemies so they can be taken down quickly.

Yuffie: 4-Point Shuriken Yuffie only has three weapons from which to choose. The 4-Point Shuriken doesn't have the highest attack power—that honour belongs to the Steel Reaper—but she loses a considerable chunk of health if you opt for the stronger weapon.

Sonon: Indurate Staff You can't control Sonon like you can the other characters, but Sonon's weapon is still important for synergising with Yuffie. The Indurate Staff has high attack power and so can deal out considerable damage.

All weapon locations

Final Fantasy 7 remake

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All Final Fantasy 7 Remake weapon locations 


Buster Sword Ability: Focused Thrust Location: Starting weapon (automatically acquired).

Iron Blade Ability: Triple Slash Location: Rewarded as part of the story during Chapter 3.

Nail Bat Ability: Disorder Location: Reward for finishing the 'Kids on Patrol' sidequest in the Sector 5 Slums in Chapter 8.

Hardedge Ability: Infinity's End Location: Buy from the Wall Market weapon shop in Chapter 9.

Mythril Saber Ability: Blade Burst Location: Buy from the Wall Market weapon shop in Chapter 14.

Twin Stinger Ability: Counterstance Location: The chest containing this weapon is easy to spot in The Drum Level 3 area during Chapter 17. 

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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Leather Gloves Ability: Divekick Location: Starting weapon (automatically acquired).

Metal Knuckles Ability: Overpower Location: Rewarded as part of the story during Chapter 5.

Sonic Strikers Ability: Focused Strike Location: Mako Reactor 5 - B5. This is inside a purple chest during the 'Sentenced to Death' objective.

Feathered Gloves Ability: Starshower Location: Found in Chapter 10 after draining the aqueduct. It's in a chest in the Aqueduct 1 area.

Mythril Claws Ability: Chi Trap Location: Rewarded for beating the Failed Experiment boss in Chapter 13. It's part of the story so can't be missed.

Purple Pain Ability: True Strike Location: In Chapter 16 when Tifa is separated from the others, don't climb back up the ladder when she falls. First, use the monkey bars to reach the chest that contains this weapon. 

Final Fantasy 7 remake

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Gattling Gun Ability: Focused Shot Location: Starting weapon (automatically acquired).

Light Machine Gun Ability: Lifesaver Location: Rewarded as part of the story during Chapter 6.

Big Bertha Ability: Maximum Fury Location: Buy this from the Weapon Shop in Evergreen Park in Chapter 13.

Wrecking Ball Ability: Smackdown Location: This is a reward for completing the Subterranean Menace sidequest in Chapter 14.

Steel Pincers Ability: Charging Uppercut Location: Buy from the Moogle Merchant in the Sector 5 Slums.

EKG Cannon Ability: Point Blank Location: Once you've spoken to the mayor in Chapter 16, speak to Hart and pay him 10,000 gil to get this weapon. 

Final Fantasy 7 remake

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Guard Stick Ability: Arcane Wind Location: Starting weapon (automatically acquired).

Silver Staff Ability: Sorcerous Storm Location: Bought from the Moogle Merchant in the Sector 5 Slums in Chapter 8.

Arcane Scepter Ability: Fleeting Familiar Location: Complete the 'Dynamite Body' or 'Shears' Counterattack' sidequests in Chapter 9.

Mythril Rod Ability: Ray of Judgement Location: Found in Chapter 11 in the Switchyard 2 Section C area. Go through an old train car instead of up the ladder to get to it.

Bladed Staff Ability: Lustrous Shield Location: Steal this from the Eligor boss in Chapter 11. You'll need Steal materia equipped to do so.

Reinforced Staff Ability: ATB Ward Location: Found in a chest at the beginning of Chapter 17.

Final Fantasy 7 remake

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4-Point Shuriken Ability: Elemental Ninjutsu Location: Starting weapon (automatically acquired).

Boomerang Ability: Brumal Form Location: This is found during Chapter 1 in Avalanche's Base inside the Base Interior. It's downstairs inside a chest.

Steel Reaper Ability: Banishment Location: This is found in Ward 1 in Chapter 1. The story takes you here and the chest is easy to spot.


Marshalist's Staff Ability: Swirling Storm Location: Starting weapon (automatically acquired).

Indurate Staff Ability: Fighting Spirit Location: It's in a chest in the Shipping Facility area. You go here as part of the story in Chapter 1.

Djinn Staff Ability: Incite Location: This is found in a chest in the Maintenance Facilities in Chapter 2, after you beat the Armored Magitrooper.