Zenless Zone Zero: what's there to know about HoYoverse's next action game?

by John Stapel

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Zenless Zone Zero - Soldier 11, a woman with white hair pulled up, wearing orange goggles and an orange outfit.
(Image credit: HoYoverse)

If you want more character-based anime action, set your sights on Zenless Zone Zero. This is just one of the upcoming games from the studio behind Genshin Impact. HoYoverse is slowly teasing out info about all of Zenless's characters, which look like they'll definitely be the focus once again. Even if we don't know exactly how Zenless works yet, we're expecting to have our favorites, whether it's for their aesthetic or their combat abilities. Will there be tier lists? There are probably already tier lists, come on.

As we find out more about Zenless Zone Zero we'll be keeping track of what you want to know right here from the names and factions of each character, all the gameplay trailers, and any comments HoYoverse makes on how Zenless will be monetized. Is it a gacha game? HoYoverse hasn't specifically said so, but that feels like a really safe bet.

When can you play Zenless Zone Zero? 

Zenless Zone Zero release date: Unknown Zenless Zone Zero beta signups: Signups for the first ZZZ tuning test have ended, but the test itself hasn't happened yet.

Zenless Zone Zero Trailers

The reveal trailer for Zenless Zone Zero gives away a lot of its characters, if not their names, some of the factions, and a lot of action combat.

The second trailer for Zenless Zone Zero gives another look at combat, and this time at what might be some combo moves or more elemental reactions between characters.

Zenless Zone Zero Gameplay

Zenless Zone Zero gameplay 

Before we get to the details, here's the Zenless setting, in brief: Urban fantasy city New Eridu, known as the "last oasis" is overrun by troublesome dimensional holes called Hollows. You'll be hopping in these holes to extract the resource known as Ether, battle the nasty monsters that live there called Ethereals, and try not to get corrupted yourself. Oh, also there are "lawless thugs" and "hollow raiders", Proxies, and the agents of the Hollow Investigative Association in there.

No surprise that Zenless is going to have action combat that feels familiar to Genshin Impact. The trailers we've seen so far show off melee and ranged attacks with pistols, swords, hammers, and more. 

Based on the initial combat trailer, it looks like we'll be doing plenty of combat in these dark, Hollow areas. Hopefully we'll spend our non-combat time exploring and picking up quests in prettier New Eridu.

Is Zenless a gacha game? 

HoYoverse hasn't explained just yet how it's planning to monetize Zenless. Given that Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd are both free-to-play with gacha mechanics, we can likely expect the same of the studio's next action game.

Zenless Zone Zero characters Factions

Like Genshin, ZZZ looks like it'll be all about its characters—backstories, voice actor reveals, and probably a big fandom full of folks adoring their faves. Yes, I have seen that everyone loves the fox man already. Of course you love the fox man with his muzzle and eyepatch and sad boy hair. Where's the love for the bear, folks? 

HoYoverse is slowly doling out info on the many characters and the factions they're a part of. Here's everybody we've seen so far, and the names we have (or don't) to go with them.

Gentle House (Cunning Hares) 

Zenless Zone Zero - Four characters stand in front of a Gentle House logo, a pink, smirking bunny.

(Image credit: HoYoverse)

This group of freelance odd job-ers was founded by Nicole Demara and handles Hollow-related commissions, though apparently the group is constantly dealing with debt piling up.

  • Billy Kid - A handsome and carefree cyborg with custom dual revolvers.
  • Nicole Demara - Cunning founder of the Hares with a hammer.
  • Anby Demara - Calm and enigmatic young girl with a lightning sword.
  • Unnamed catgirl - An acrobatic catgirl with daggers.

Defense Force 

Zenless Zone Zero - A white haired woman with orange goggles, a mechanical backpack and a sword stands in flames.

(Image credit: HoYoverse)

 We don't know anything about the Defense Force yet, only that Soldier 11 is a member.

  • Soldier 11 - An efficient soldier who has no name with a flaming sword.

Victoria House Keeping 

Zenless Zone Zero - A green haired girl in a maid uniform and a white fox man in a vest stand in front of a Victoria House Keeping insignia.

(Image credit: HoYoverse)

Neither of Victoria House Keeping Co's characters have gotten a full reveal yet, but everyone sure does love them already. 

  • Unnamed maid girl - Maid character is here, wielding what might be a spear.
  • Unnamed fox man - The early fandom favorite with his jet-powered legs.

[Unknown] Industries 

Zenless Zone Zero - An anthropomorphic bear in a jacket, small red-harried child with a hammer, and man with a rill hand stand in front of a Belobo Industries logo.

(Image credit: HoYoverse)

The name for the group appears to be "Belobo" Industries or something similar, but none of its characters have had their names revealed yet. 

  • Unnamed cloak guy - He's wielding protagonist hair and what looks like a drill fist?
  • Unnamed hammer kid - The small one, dual wielding a hammer and axe.
  • Unnamed bear man - A bear with a chain, wields a battering ram.


Zenless Zone Zero - A girl with red eyes and cat ears and a katana stands beside a masked blue demon with horns holding a large flat axe.

(Image credit: HoYoverse)

The faction of the demon girl and catgirl appears to be H.SOS.6, based on the combat trailer from June 2022, but we don't know their names yet. 

  • Unnamed blue demon - a blue demon girl with a mask and greathammer.
  • Unnamed samurai catgirl - Cat ears and katana? Check.

Player characters?

Zenless Zone Zero - A girl with short blue hair and a jacket kneels near the camera while a boy with short blue hair sits in the background beside a stuffed bunny creature with green eyes.

(Image credit: HoYoverse)

Although this hasn't been confirmed yet, I'm feeling pretty confident that these are the player characters you'll choose between in Zenless. Genshin Impact, for instance, has you choose between a brother and sister character. If those aren't two player character options along with their mascot character a la Paimon, I will be very surprised.

One more wolf guy, just for all of you

Zenless Zone Zero - A white-haired wolf character wears a vest, red cravat, and a muzzle while holding a gold pocketwatch.

HoYo fans only want one thing. (Image credit: HoYoverse)
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