Reggie on Nintendo of America contractor issues: “This isn’t the Nintendo I left”

by Pierre Bell

Former Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime, has spoken up about the alleged treatment of contractors at the firm saying that what he has read doesn’t sound like the Nintendo he left. A number of contractors had recently told Kotaku that they were paid poorly and treated as second class citizens at the firm. Reggie has told The Washington Post that contract employees were invited to some the meetings he attended and that company contractors had the opportunity to join Reggie and other colleagues for lunches and that he helped foster a “healthy culture” at Nintendo of America.

“It struck me, this isn’t the Nintendo I left,” Fils-Aimé said.

“While I was at Nintendo, we routinely had meetings at events where our associates, that’s how we referred to our contract employees, were invited,” Fils-Aimé continued. “It’s just a small example. I was famous for doing bimonthly and quarterly lunches with employees. It was a basic sign-up, and associates were invited as much as full-time employees.”

Fils-Aimé declined to comment further on specific events, but said his core focus as an executive was maintaining a “healthy culture.”

“I know I was able to achieve that, and certainly what’s being described does not seem like a healthy culture,” he said.