Sony is pulling PS Now retail cards from U.K. retailers

by Pierre Bell

Activision 6h ago

PS Now will never compete against Xbox Game Pass. I prefer Native PC Games, than streaming.

purple101 6h ago

You can download I'f playing on a PS4/PS5 and stream if your playing on a phone / tablet / laptop just to let you know.

TheRealTedCruz 3h ago

Only specific titles. The majority of legacy titles are stream only unless you have the original hardware.

JEECE 3h ago


So when you say "only specific titles" can be downloaded, you actually mean every PS4 and PS2 game available on the service, and when you say "the majority of legacy titles are stream only" you mean PS3 games.

I know you hate PlayStation but come on.

TheRealTedCruz 2h ago (Edited 2h ago)


Yeah yeah. I know I know.

I hate Sony so much I've owned a PS2, PS3, PS4 Pro, and now a PS5. Hate them so much I'm part of the minority that actually subscribed to Now.

I have no idea what I'm talking about, and just want to hate on them. It's not that I'm simply an outlier here that doesn't worship Playstation like some sort of God, and chooses to poke at those who do.

I probably put more money into Sony's pockets than half the people who pin me as a Playstation hater.

SpineSaw 16m ago

@TheRealTedCruz I own a Xbox from every Xbox generation to include the current gen and I have a current GamePass subscription but that doesn't mean I can`t have such a distain for Microsoft that it could be called hate and think the gaming world wound be much better off Microsoft would walk away from it.

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SurgicalMenace 1h ago

GP is nothing to have to "compete" with. The Sony community ACTUALLY pays for their games, good for the companies, and for the players. PS Now is an option NOT a lifeline for Sony.

Without GP, there's absolutely no value for XB. Their community is so cheap they don't want to support anything enough to not need GP.

Crows90 54m ago (Edited 53m ago)

About 80% of the library on psnow is downloadable. What is it with this misinformation regarding psnow?

The other huge catalog of stream only is only applicable to really really old titles and ps3 titles.

ALL ps4 titles are downloadable of which there is an equal library easily comparable to gamepass. Put together with ps2 titles, psnow has a much larger library of quality titles than gamepass.

SurgicalMenace 44m ago

Agreed. I have both and play far more on PS Now than GP.