Xbox needs to borrow that Nintendo Direct magic

by Pierre Bell

phoenixwing 1h ago (Edited 1h ago)

I have to agree. Also I think journalists should admit it's nice getting info throughout the year instead of just at e3 even if they don't get to monopolize the focus on their reports

RosweeSon 56m ago

Yeah Microsoft seem to rely on E3 every year to reveal their main news it’s like they can’t just announce something themselves or have enough to fill a show of their own every 3 months. Xbox have got so many dormant IP’s just sat there but rely on the same ones every year. Nintendo dropped e3 years ago and went treehouse and direct and it’s done them wonders not the only reason sure but gone from selling 13 million consoles to clearing 100 million again, their games are clearing 40 million copies (at full price) Microsoft could only dream of those numbers currently top exclusives barely Sell 5 million and be surprised if consoles clear 50 million again. As for dormant IP’s rest gears halo and forza and let’s have a New Banjo 3, Conker! Amped! Midtown madness, project Gotham racing, perfect dark coming Indiana Jones could be interesting but yet to see anything other than a logo. Xbox got a long way to go again. Time will tell 2023 🤙🏻 🤣✌🏻